Friday, February 03, 2017

Why a Chicken Meal is Not Worth It

In a very very long time, I never had a day without chicken.  It is usually chicken for  lunch or dinner. Not only because it tastes good but it is also very convenient to buy. The Philippines is practically dotted with restaurants offering chicken as a meal.  There is even a restaurant that claims its house was built by “fried chickens”.  Another popular fast food chain says that there is “joy” in their chicken meal.

The Life of a Meat Chicken

I cannot believe I had been blind to the sufferings of these chickens for a very very long time.  Every time I order a “drumsticks” or “wings” or a whole “fried chicken”, all I had been thinking is my appetite. I just thought about myself and how hungry I am. With misleading advertisements and several celebrities endorsing these restaurants, it made me forget about what is actually in the bucket or in my plate.  I totally forgot that these chickens, just like us, want to live! They do not want to die!

I am happy to have made that “connection”! I have realized that chickens are not mere ingredients or objects. Just like us and all other animals that I used to eat, their lives matter to them too. At this time, I look at chickens in a different light. I now understand why it is actually great to “go vegan”. I now have an entirely logical reason not to visit those restaurants serving chicken or simply refuse a “chicken sandwich.”

After seeing their miserable lives, their disgusting treatment, torture and agony in the slaughterhouse – I can no longer eat a chicken meal! My insatiable appetite is not worth the lives of these innocent animals.  I do not want to be part of the cruelty inflicted on these chickens.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Time to Know the Truth

Killing animals is disgusting to say the least. Eating them has been made comfortable by hiding the truth from us. The meat industry hid the horrendous life of these animals and silenced their screams for help with the sole intention of making profits.  Now that information is out, all we have to do is access that information, analyze and make the right choice.  We cannot further allow such cruelty. I definitely do not want to be part of such cruelty! I am very happy that I have made the connection and embraced a “vegan” lifestyle.

Being “vegan” is not a fad or a diet. It is a lifestyle recognizing that animals are not here for us. Animals, just like us, are earthlings that desire to live. They too feel pain! With this recognition, all sentient beings are respected - animals are not killed for food, used in entertainment and experiments.

Thus, the main reason why we should all consider being “vegan” is the value of “life” itself.  All the animals that end in our plate do not want to die! Life matters to them too. It makes sense that the pain, suffering, and torment these animals have gone through are ingested by those who eats them. If we looked beyond the “bacon” and imagine the pig struggling for its life after its throat is slit, who would still have the appetite to eat it? What we see in supermarkets are nicely packaged “bacon” and “ham” making us forget the fact that the pig, just like us, wants to live and enjoy life!

It is time to make the connection!

Monday, December 05, 2016

Invisible Victims (Make the Connection!)

In a very very long time, I really do not care what or where I eat. I eat wherever and whatever people eat. I never thought of the “invisible victims” of what I eat.
Take time to watch this life-changing video of Dr. Melanie Joy

Now that I have seen the truth about the plight of farmed animals and how disgusting dairy cows and chickens are treated, I immediately adopted a “vegan lifestyle”. For years, I am one of the millions deceived about “eating meat” and “drinking milk”.  Now that I know, I have stayed away from meat, milk and eggs.  It may take some time to see the truth, but once you seen it, it creates an immediate impact on your life.  It is truly life changing!

But what exactly is “vegan”? Being “vegan” to me means, “feeling what animals feel”. By trying to feel what they feel living in factory farms through their journey to the slaughterhouse, it becomes easier to understand why eating or using them is not right. Otherwise said, being vegan means a “realization” of the obvious truth that animals feel love and pain. Life matters to them too. They struggle to their very last breath to live. They long to be free!

After such realization, I knew I have go vegan.  I do not want to ingest the pain and suffering of these animals. I no longer want to wear shoes that came from a cow forcibly branded and killed mercilessly! I have changed my mind going to zoos and I no longer want products tested on animals.

I think being  “vegan” is not a “fad” or a “diet”. It is an “unearthed consciousness” about the value of “life”.  As a consequence, animal rights are recognized, the environment is protected and a healthy lifestyle is pursued.  This lifestyle however is a threat to an industry using animals for food or in any other form. It threatens an industry that makes a lot of money. But, with lots of people getting sick and more environments getting wasted, “veganism” will surely take the whole world by storm in the near future.  No amount of public relations campaign, propaganda, advertisements or any other means intended to mislead the public would succeed given the deluge of information on the Internet on animal suffering, environment degradation and health concerns attributed to eating meat.
It is truly the right time to make the connection.  Every time we eat, think of what it is actually on our plate. Think about those invisible victims – their sufferings, the abuse they endured and how much they too wanted to live.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Next in Line...

Do you know how it feels to be next in line?

Take a moment and look at this cow. He is next to be slaughtered.  He has heard the howl of pain, cries and pleas of his friend killed before him. He desperately wants to escape. He trembles in fear. Yet, no one cares. To the workers in the slaughterhouse, his life is worthless. But for this cow, all he has is his one and only life.

His life Matters to Him Too!

I think most of us can empathize with him.  We knew how difficult it is to be next to something we do not want and yet we are left without a choice. It is said that we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.  Yet, for this cow and all other cows lined up to be killed in slaughterhouses all over the world - do we care that they just want to escape with their life? Just like us, life matters to these cows too!

The next time I travel and eat at a restaurant, I will be thinking of all the animals struggling not be next in line. I may lose my appetite for most of the available cuisines. However, I am sure to feast on dishes served without a dead animal.

Thanks to the power of technology! What has been hidden to us by meat industries for years has come out – no animal wants to die! Smiling celebrities eating meat displayed on huge billboards has muddled this obvious truth.  For so long our compassion for animals has been buried by misleading labels, packaging and advertisements. It is now time to “unearth” that compassion! The truth about meat, eggs and dairy can no longer be suppressed.
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